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MillieCare’s SheaButter Cream is made with no additives no preservatives or without heat and as such the natural elements of its emollients are preserved. Naturally manufactured SheaButter have healing skin ailments. MillieCare’s SheaButter body cream is used in repairing badly damaged hair, dry/itchy skin and relieves skin rashes as well as cracked heel/scars. Due to the collagen properties found in cold-pressed sheabutter, MillieCare SheaButter body cream prevents wrinkles.

Since our inception in 2003, we have always had a passion for forming a company that uses natural products with a goal of sustaining our environment and supporting local communities.  Our company collaborates with local farmers in sourcing our raw materials and gives back to local institutions that promotes total well-being of children and adolescents.Growing up, my grandparents used sheabutter natural healing properties for a myriad of ailments inflicted on the body such as soothing the pain associated with inflamed sprained ankle, restoration of hair texture and as a massage cream for aches and joints.  It is in this vein that MillieCare was formed to get others to experience the great uses of naturally formulated sheabutter.  We provide support to our customers on varying ways our products can be used such as: massages, fading of scares, hair repair, leave-in conditioner, and as a moisturizer.